Law office

Since its foundation in 1970 by Gerhard Kuhn and Wolfgang Meder, our law firm is one of the best-respected in Karlsruhe. The law firm has grown steadily and today our team compromises six legal professionals.

Our approach to the practice of law offers clients the best service regardless of which juridical field. Furthermore we offer high-standard real-estate and residential condominium management.

According to our founders’ vision we strongly believe in the individual relationship of our lawyers to their clients as the essence of the form – despite today’s tendency towards specialization . Expertise and professional competence goes without saying.

Each of our clients, no matter who it is – entrepreneur or private individual – at first has his own contact for every legally relevant problem. Because all members of our law office are partners having equal rights, it is a self-evident truth for us that all lawyers are available to the further treatment: In this way is created legal care which is "a completely rounded piece of work". Depending on your needs, we consult and advise in our office, at your home or directly in your business. In consequence, you save time and all required documents are readily to hand.

Through the last four decades the success strengthened our conviction with regards to our concept of consultation.

From the very beginning, we openly inform about fees and charges to avoid unpleasant surprises for our clients. The costs our clients have to bear will be explained as transparently as possible. Right from the beginning each of our clients will know the full costs of our "legal advice" or "legal representation".

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